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Dingli - Apartment

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This is a terrific place to stay for tourists who want to learn about the fascinating history of Malta and wander through Sliema, one of the island’s main attractions. We guarantee that you’ll get a sense of having just entered a time machine.

This Home Share apartment was recently restored, striking the ideal balance between traditional and modern characteristics, and it is well situated in the centre of Sliema, on one of its main roads.

The key to this Home Share’s success is intelligent design. The flat is a good size and has everything a guest may require, including a fully equipped kitchen, Air Conditioning and Free Wi-Fi.

The Sliema promenade, a 3 km stretch of promenade with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea along its whole length, is very close by, making the site a winner. There are several wine bars and eateries to choose from. The 15-minute bus ride to Valletta, the capital of Malta, is also an option if you want to appreciate the scenic splendour of our seas. Plenty to do and a lot to discover!

At all of our properties, where hospital-grade cleaning supplies and updated methods are presently in use, we have improved upon the already excellent Home Share standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
When guests stay at any of our houses, Home Share wants to provide them with confidence and peace of mind. In response to changing consumer demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed our improved cleaning procedure.